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Bring your questions and even your products! We will discuss a strategy that works best for you and brings optimal results to your skin. 

Have a ton of products and don’t know what’s what anymore? I’ll compile step-by-step instructions for you, even if you didn’t buy them here.

Approximately 30 minutes. Consultation cost is applied to a future service.


The Reflexology Facial

This is definitely a case of East meets East!  This protocol is firmly rooted in the ancient wisdom and observations of Eastern medicine and promotes a radiant, glowing complexion from the inside out. Using a set of specifically designed tools, reflexology points on the face are stimulated or soothed to enhance the function of corresponding organs in the body.  If your organs aren't working properly, it will naturally reflect in your skin. Make sense? This treatment is combined with the healing effects of Reiki for a one-of-a-kind  session and also includes a Kanza wand foot treatment.  You'll have to book it to believe it!

Approximately 120 minutes.



All the elements of the Renew Facial combined with non-invasive ultra-sound exfoliation, infusion and LED light therapy. Talk about a makeover!

Approximately 120 minutes.



Reclaim your you-time. The classic European Facial…thorough yet therapeutic, includes: skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, an extensive European massage, and hand and foot treatment. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Approximately 110 minutes.



A condensed version of Renew, Refresh is great for first-time clients or those short on time, but still needing some attention.

Approximately 75 minutes.



For those who absolutely can’t leave the 21st century behind. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and LED light therapy.

Approximately 45-60 minutes.



High Tech Enhancements


Crystals are pulsed across the skin to gently polish and smooth it. Excellent for dry, sun-damaged skin or enlarged/clogged pores. Super refining and makeup glides on!

Add to a facial for $15. Approximately 60 minutes.


Ultrasound Exfoliation and Infusion

Add this to any facial. So gentle even the most sensitive skin benefits from the special method of ultrasound exfoliation. Ultrasound is used again to infuse a mask packed with amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid.


Celluma LED Light Therapy

Want tighter and brighter skin? Celluma is FDA-approved and is revolutionary in its delivery of LED light therapy to treat acne, discoloration, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles and even has Infrared to ease joint and muscle pain. These same lights are used to treat SAD. Pop in as often as you like for 30-minute sessions and experience the results for yourself!

Add to a facial for $15.



Waxing, Lash &
Brow Tinting

Waxing is so efficient!

Just a couple of pointers before your waxing appointment:

  • Please allow 3 week growth

  • No waxing if you are taking Accutane, antibiotics or have been over-exposed to the sun

Have dark, lush lashes and defined brows in minutes with tinting! Vegetable dye is used for tinting and lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.


Brow Shape               $17

Lip                           $10

Face                         $28

Underarm                  $20

Full Arm                    $35

Bikini                        $35

Lower Leg                  $27

Full Leg                     $55

Back                          $50

Chest                        $60

Lash and Brow Tinting:

Lash Tint                    $20

Brow Tint                   $20

Combination              $35