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energy healing.

What is energy healing? What is The Emotion Code?

Have you ever heard the expression:


We all carry around emotional baggage built up over a life-time of experiences, feelings and emotions. When these emotions are not processed or dealt with, they can literally create imbalances in the body that manifest as physical illness, chronic disease or repeated patterns of negative behavior.


We are energetic beings and each one of us has an energetic and magnetic field. When emotions become stuck, this energy field becomes distorted and can lead to chronic pain, self-sabotage, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, addiction, isolation, unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling career paths….you name it!


You may think you have a certain destiny because of your genetics. Releasing trapped emotions or emotional baggage may free you from the doom and gloom you thought you inherited. It’s true that even emotions can be handed down to us, but there is no need to let them shape our lives.


The wind cannot be seen but its effects are felt. Trapped emotions can weigh us down without us even knowing or understanding why. If you have “tried everything” to resolve a chronic issue, it may be, the only thing left to try is energetic healing or releasing trapped emotions. The Emotion Code is a method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to help the body release imbalances that block it from well-being, optimal health and abundance. It’s simple, non-invasive and effective. Check it out at www.healerslibrary.com.

Emotion Code Session - 60 min - $100

3 Session Package - $280



Reiki is also a form of energy healing based on an ancient Japanese technique. The word "reiki" means universal life flow. Reiki is subtle but powerful and is literally a "laying on of hands". A person comes to session dressed in comfortable clothes. There is no stimulating massage but rather a grounding, safe environment in which the practitioner will allow energy to be channeled through gentle touch. It is another modality to release blocked energy, restore balance and create deep relaxation so the body can more naturally follow a path to healing.

Reiki Session - 60 min - $75

what people are saying…

Well something worked after our session releasing trapped emotions… I’ve lost four pounds and have been sleeping better
— MP
Clearing my trapped emotions has made me a loving partner and more impactful citizen
— AE
I recently had my first energy healing session with Eika. Wow – not at all what I was expecting, but way better! I went in thinking it was similar to Reiki, but this was a much different experience. This was like therapy and physical healing all in one. We did a half hour session and I left feeling mentally aware and awake, but not sure how I was going to physically feel. For the first three nights afterwards, I slept HARD. This, coming from a person who normally suffers from insomnia and didn’t sleep more than 4 hours a night. I slept for 8-9 hours and didn’t budge all night. I am definitely a work in progress still (physically healing), but my mental state has dramatically improved. I am looking forward to another session to get my physical healing moving right along.
— AC
Eika, I feel like my body has been cleansed and my healing process has begun. You are my health and soul healer. Your hands and your presence bring me peace.
— GK