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about eika.


I went into this business because I loved getting facials and coming from a European background and heritage, I learned that grooming and well-being are one and the same. When I started out, I was so surprised to discover that this was not the case in America. Thankfully now the general population understands how important grooming is to overall health. Even the guys are getting facials and pedicures! Why? Because it feels good and it shows!

What has kept me in business though is the relationships and the feeling that I’m adding something positive to people’s lives. Being self-employed is a challenge and a reward. It has kept me learning new things all the time and I have never felt stagnant. I’m not sure that I could say that if I worked in a more traditional, established setting. I keep connecting dots to how our lives could be lived to achieve our greatest potential.

I know there are many skincare trends out there but I keep coming back to the basics and that’s where I’ve decided to stay. To me, nothing beats hands-on, one-on-one, face-to-face interaction with time-tested methods. It’s vital to me to know the “backdrop” of a person’s life to promote true healing. It may even involve a referral to a practitioner better-versed in other supportive healing modalities. Treating symptoms guarantees an income but true healing guarantees a relationship. That’s the win-win.

I love the community I live in and litter is my pet-peeve. Some friends and I started a group called “Only Losers Litter” with the goal of cleaning up our environment and hopefully inspiring (and yes, shaming!) people into “cleaning up their act”. I believe there is a direct correlation between litter and violence. I like feeling like I’m making a difference and we have a dedicated group of people with a like-minded vision. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming Litter Pick-Ups. We find the most interesting things and coffee and Litter Lore are a must after the Pick-Ups. And what a great workout!!